Wish list during COVID-19 restrictions & social distancing.

Please order online for delivery if you can. Outside door drop off is OK but non-staff and non-residents are not allowed in building due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Our Wish List on Amazon

To make donating easier, view our items of need on our Amazon account.

Please choose The Webster House for you choice in charitable organizations when making your purchase.

  • Assorted chips

  • Large case of Kraft mac n cheese

  • Crave snack boxes or assorted snacks

  • Cases of water

  • Packs of individual cereal cups

  • Granola bars

  • S'mores Kit

  • Propane fireplace

  • Condiment packs (picnic packs)

  • Weighted blankets

  • Bath towel sets

  • beach towels

  • oversized beach blankets

  • beach umbrellas

  • bug spray 

  • sunscreen (lotion not spray)

  • deodorant wipes

  • Hygiene products for males/females (shampoo/conditioner, hair brushes & hair ties, tampons/pads, face wash, deodorants, toothpaste)

  • Hygiene totes

  • Soft sided reusable ice packs

  • First Aid Kits

  • Clorox Wipes

  • Hand Sanatizer

Monetary Donations

  • Oversized duffle bags
    for kids to leave with

  • Glow sports equipment

  • 3d Puzzles

  • Diamond paintings

  • Friendship bracelet string

  • Tie dye supplies

  • rock painting supplies

  • Shower Shoes (variety of sizes)

  • Age appropriate adult coloring
    books and gel pen

  • Barnes n Nobles gift cards (great
    for our summer book club)

  • Local Fast Food Gift Cards

  • Shoe Store Gift Cards

  • Clothing Store Gift Cards (Burlington Coat Factory/Walmart have best
    deals for our kids)

  • Movie Passes

  • Museum Passes

  • Amusement Park/Zoo/Aquarium Passes

  • Art Canvases and tabletop easels

  • Paint brushes and paints

  • Movie night gift basket 

  • Fishing Gear (new poles and
    tackle box kit)

Amazon delivery and drop off location:
135 Webster Street, Manchester, NH 03104



Ed Ithier

Vice President

Stacy Scarlett Martin

Executive Dir.

Lou Catano


Ashley Campbell


Colleen Barbarita

Board Members

Deb Landwehr

Pam Roy

Kim Fillmore

Donna Wilczek

Shirley Bhutto

John Patti

Lesley Patti

Kathleen Stevens

Abby Tucker

Brendon Thurston

Kristin Faxon

Sherry Nannis




If you love working with teenagers and are a hard-working, caring professional, please send your resume and cover letter to our address.  Should we have openings, we may consider your submission.


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