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Residential Case Manger

(603) 622-8013 x5

My name is Quoc Le and I am currently a case manager at the Webster House. I originally started as an intern at Webster House back in 2014 for my undergrad at UNH Manchester for psychology. Over the course of my internship, I learned a lot from observing and interacting with the residents and staff. It gravitated me towards the at-risk youth population and I was eventually asked to join to be a residential counselor and shortly after I became a residential counselor supervisor. It became the start of my career and allowed me to become a bigger impact towards the lives of the residents. My favorite aspect of the job that I have cherished throughout the years were the strong relationships that I have developed with many current and past residents in our care. I was able to teach and learn skills from each individual in the program, allowing a mutual symbiotic relationship between myself and a resident.

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