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Executive Director
(603) 622-8013 x2

 I have had the pleasure of working at the Webster House for going on 10 years now, starting as an undergraduate intern from Southern New Hampshire University in 2012.  I have a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Development and my Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in Child Welfare through the University of New Hampshire.  When I was first recommended to the program as an intern, I was nervous but excited to work with youth. I instantly fell in love with the staff, the program, but most of all the children and their stories. I learned just how resilient these children are and how big of a positive impact our staff can have on their lives. Whether I’m getting to know a new resident for the first time through our intake assessment process, having fun on activities with our current residents, celebrating family reunifications and individual achievements, or reminiscing with resident's past, I find myself truly blessed to have the opportunity to know and work with the children that come into our program and our lives. Each day brings on new challenges and opportunities, and I can’t wait to see what is next for both our program and the children.

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