Super great Super Raffle, 2019!

Thank you to all our community members who came out to support this needed event to keep the kids active and provide much needed assistance!

Christmas Lights for the Webster House!

A big thank you to Lights Up Seasonal Lighting for their generous donation of brightening up our house for the Christmas Season!  Check them out for your own lighting!

Outings for Uplifting our kids!

Every year the Webster House puts aside time and funds for offering adventures and fun times for our kids. The much needed excursions are only possible by our generous donations and makes a world of difference for the kids. We are thankful for the opportunity to bring the kids out to these getaways. Thank you to all our volunteers and donors!  To make a donation, see our donation page or wish list. Thank you!

~Lou and The Webster House Staff

Another Successful Super Raffle!

April, 2018

The 2018 Super Raffle was held at the Puritan Conference Center was another success! Our guests left the event knowing more about The Webster House and feeling good that they were contributing to such a great cause!

Jane Clayton was our auctioneer and John Clayton our MC. Jane was great fun and helped increase the bids to make our earnings beat our last year!

Thank you to our entire board members who make big contributions and pulled together some great donations and coordinating all of the gift baskets and auction items!

Our Biggest Event of the Year: The Super Raffle!

May, 2017

We did it again!  The Super Raffle held at the Puritan Conference Center was another success! our guests left the event knowing more about The Webster House and feeling good that they were contributing to such a great cause. 
We want to especially thank Edward Ithier for leading the team; for Kim Fillmore and Darlene Conley for coordinating the auction items, organizing the names on the raffle board, doing the printing and designing of the event brochure. We know the amount of time they each put in to make sure we were in great position. 
John Clayton – another great year as MC and Mike Valentine, you have a future as an Auctioneer! Mike literally was able to significantly increase the original bids on many of the auction items this evening!

Thank you to the Webster House director, Lou Catano and to all our awesome volunteers!

A Misleading Surprise!

May, 2017

It was time to honor the great Meg Vaillancourt for her dedication and sacrifice to The Webster House, but we knew she wouldn't agree with a known ceremony. We asked close friends and also our very generous contributors The Schillings for help. They came through with a misleading plan to get Meg here for her recognition. We were happy to honor the Schillings as well! It was a win-win and a night of surprises for everyone to remember.

Thank you to all our volunteers to help make this surprise happen!

A Day of Painting!

Nov, 2016

Volunteers helping out on our big day of painting. Sherwin Williams donated all of the paint
we needed. 40 Gallons to be exact!

Thanks to everyone's efforts, all 14 bedrooms got a fresh coat. 

Thank you to all our awesome volunteers!



Ed Ithier

Vice President

Stacy Scarlett Martin

Executive Dir.

Lou Catano


Ashley Campbell


Colleen Barbarita

Board Members

Deb Landwehr

Pam Roy

Kim Fillmore

Donna Wilczek

Shirley Bhutto

John Patti

Lesley Patti

Kathleen Stevens

Abby Tucker

Brendon Thurston

Kristin Faxon

Sherry Nannis




If you love working with teenagers and are a hard-working, caring professional, please send your resume and cover letter to our address.  Should we have openings, we may consider your submission.


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