Letters of Thanks


Hey, my name is Mysta and once upon a time I was an angry little girl with a chip on my shoulder.  I thought that it was me against the world.  I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t like the other kids I went to school with, why I didn’t get to have a “normal” family.  In my head were all these questions, why did this happen to me, why didn’t parts of my family love me, was I really a bad kid, did I deserve to be treated poorly.  I thought all the bad things that happened to me were my fault.  I was a very sad, distrustful and angry child. I had been kicked out of my first foster home and couldn’t understand why.  It just seemed like nobody wanted me and that nobody cared.  Then one day I found myself being moved into something people called a group home.  I was told that I would be living with a lot of other kids with similar situations to my own.

That group home I moved into was the Webster House.  I had heard stories about group homes, and they were all scary.  I moved in just before Christmas, and I soon realized all the stories I had been told about group homes were wrong.  The staff was friendly and I even spent Christmas with the director and his family.  

Moving to the Webster House was one of the best things that could have happened to me.  It was there that I developed a love of reading from one of my favorite staff members Daddy Dan.  They gave me a sense of giving back and being a part of something.  They taught me about responsibility and helped me move past all the bad things that happened to me.  The staff at the Webster House gave me hope that one day I would be part of a family.  


It is because of the kindness and generosity of the people who work there that I learned to be proud of whom I am, and they helped encourage me to be the person that I am today.  Many of the staff there helped mold who I am today, Lou Catano helped me realize my potential to help and be there for others, Daddy Dan nurtured my love of reading, Katie, Brook and Brianna helped me move past my anger and learn to be kind and generous and loving towards others and to self-reflect on the parts of me I didn’t like.  They helped me become a better person. The webster house gave me many opportunities I normally wouldn’t have, such as trips to Boston and Pennsylvania. They showed me that people do care, that the life I had lived up until that point was not my fault.  It is because of them that I learned to move forward with my life to make each day better than the last, and to look forward to the future and the full life I would have someday.  

I am now a happily married woman with a wonderful 9 month old son, a loving family and at 22 years old I own a Photography business and it is all thanks to the kindness, love and nurturing I received when the Webster House was my home.

The Webster House has helped so many children throughout its many years being a group home and so many people are better off because of the dedication of those who work there and call it their second home.  I am so grateful and proud to have been a part of the Webster House Family :)

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