About Us

The Webster House, Manchester, NH

Circa 1890


Our Mission Statement

Letter From Our Director

The Webster House exists to meet a condition that is prevalent in New Hampshire: youth who are unable to live at home for some period of time.  The Staff's intent is to address four areas of the youth's life.

  • Physical:  By providing a safe home.

  • Social:  By applying the norms of society.

  • Personal:  Through counseling, activities and a wide range of interpersonal relationships.

  • Family:  By rebuilding the bonds and reuniting the family.

We are committed to a program that offers a structure to youth in order to stabilize their lives, resolve issues and encourage personal growth. We are pragmatic in our approaches. Experience has taught us that love and kindness need to be provided in close-conjunction with clear and realistic expectations.

Our goal is to prepare our residents for adult life, recognizing fully that this is ultimately a partnership between the family, the child and the program.

We provide a home. We provide the opportunities for counseling, education and activities. We provide the atmosphere in which adult-child relationships can be rebuilt and created. Within this structure, the direction, kindness and commitment of caring adults can help improve the lives of the children who reside at the Webster House and their families.

Since 1884 the Webster House has been providing a safe haven for children unable to live at home. The home was originally called “The Manchester Children’s Home” and in 1976 the name was changed to “The Webster House”. Local churches along with the Amoskeag Mills helped launch this home that continues to serve children today and well into the future.


The Webster House is and always has been a private, non-profit home that has enjoyed a unique relationship with the surrounding community. The public has always partnered with the home helping to support us in so many ways. We are truly blessed to have such a committed public behind us as well as a strong, supportive staff and Board of Directors.

We are committed to the children that come to live at Webster House. We support them as they address their issues, all while never forgetting that they are children first and foremost who need to maintain a balance between the hard work ahead of them and the joys of childhood.

Your friendship and generosity has allowed us to continue on with our mission that dates back to 1884. We welcome your continued support as we meet today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow's.

On behalf of all the children at Webster House past, present and future - I want to thank you for everything and for allowing us to be there for those in need.

Lou Catano

Former Executive Director

What We Offer

At Webster House we believe in meeting the child’s emotional and recreational needs. We also emphasize personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions and choices. We further believe that all children  need the right opportunities to grow and prosper.

  • A safe, supportive, well staffed home-like environment

  • Supportive counseling

  • Group counseling

  • Independent Living programming

  • Goal oriented case management

  • A positive, focused behavioral program

  • Crisis management

  • Liaison with schools

  • Community volunteering programming

  • Community employment programming

  • Homework/academic support

  • Recreational programming including Y trips, beach trips, hiking and biking trips, vacations at Cape cod, kayaking and camping and a host of other fun activities that promote good times, social interactions and

  • Healthy outlets for teens